Writer Coaching



Online Writer Coaching for Adults and Students


My heart is to help you become more confident as a writer, grow in your gift, and connect with the God who gave you this gift.

Think of these 30-minute online tutoring sessions as "music lessons" for writers. I am an established editor who has worked for clients like John Paul Jackson, Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Jesus Culture, Michael Brodeur, and many others. With my background in ministry, I am particularly good at helping those who know God and are trying to write a book or produce other written content that follows His leading.

I can help you overcome challenges in your book, cultivate your gift, tap into your passion, and be inspired not only to finish what you're working on—but to keep going in your calling as a writer.  

Here are a few specific things I can help you with:

  • Starting your book or other writing project even if all you have is an idea right now

  • Organizing your book idea and crafting your outline

  • Giving you ideas for how you can transform your notes, teachings, or other recordings into books or blog articles

  • Jumping into the actual writing process (especially if this has been difficult in the past)

  • Writing with God/learning to hear His voice as a writer

  • Growing in creativity

This is just a brief list of how I could potentially assist you. If you have any questions, feel free to click the email button at the bottom of this page and start a conversation with me.


Are you a homeschooling parent?

Is your student a writer, but you are not? Would you love to help your young writer explore their talent and passion, but you don’t know how?

These sessions work well as a supplement to your homeschool curriculum. I can evaluate your student’s writing and let you know where they’re doing well and where they need to grow. As a homeschool graduate myself, I understand how homeschooling families work and what it’s like to be a young writer at home.

I can help your young writer:

  • Fall in love with writing

  • Learn how to write better papers and speeches

  • Grow in creativity

  • Be encouraged in their gift

  • Craft fuller and more complete stories

  • Develop characters, dialogue, and story lines

Again, this is just a brief list that hopefully will give you an idea of what I offer. If you have any questions, click the email button at the bottom of this page and let me know what you are wondering.